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  • Recruitment Marketing

  • Managed Marketplace:

  • Data-Driven Insights

  • On-Demand Talent

  • Acceleration Squads

  • B2B Lead Generation

  • Unified Communications Hub

  • Prospect Personality Assessment

  • Global Payroll & Compliance

  • Executive Search Capability

  • LinkedIn Automation

  • Chrome Extension for Data Capturing

  • AI Search and Rank

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    DigitalRecruiter™ App

    Strategic Talent Attraction

    My Squads

    Create multifunctional squads by integrating your global freelancers, applicants, permanent, and contract staff into a unified ecosystem

    Global Payroll

    Simplify payroll management across international locations for seamless global operations and compliance

    Project Tracking

    Centralise project tracking, time-sheeting, and collaboration for diverse global hybrid team management

    Executive Search

    Get executive search capabilities with the ability to construct prospects and long lists tailored to target companies, employing an extensive search capability and strategy

    Growth Advisory

    Access Elite-Talent & Handpicked growth accelerators with proven capabilities to drive business growth in marketing, design, tech, advisory and venture capital

    On-Demand Doers

    Access trained, certified professionals for executing tech, design, marketing, and sales strategies efficiently

    DigitalRecruiter™ App

    Turn your database
    into a talent marketplace.

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