Enabling the Future of Recruiting-Tech

Embrace advanced technology to shape the future of global talent acquisition, empowering you to optimise, automate, and accomplish more with less, strengthening your internal systems and utilisation.



Combining CRM, ATS, and Marketplace functionalities to streamline prospecting, bringing together internal, lateral, freelance, and advisory talent onto a unified platform

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Empower your database to intelligently search and rank candidates, understand their personalities, and utilise APIs to analyse your candidate outreach.

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Integrated Outreach

Make calls, send texts and emails, book appointments and engage on LinkedIn—all from within the platform, ensuring centralised tracking of all prospect communications.

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Unified Insights

Over 70+ Hiring Metrics for Comprehensive Insight into Your Hiring Campaigns, Candidate Engagement, and Outreach Efforts

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White-label Solution

Your Proposition, Our Tech Stack : Customisable to Fit Your Needs, Engineered for Scalability

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DigitalRecruiter™ App

Unified Communication Hub

Communicate via call, text, email, Zoom, Calendly, and LinkedIn messaging, all from the DigitalRecruiter™ App, creating a centralised communication hub and facilitating seamless engagement with prospects for efficient tracking and follow-up.

Consolidated Channels
Single Source Efficiency

DigitalRecruiter™ App

AI Search & Rank

AI-driven search and ranking system to enhance internal database utilisation. With just a few clicks, effortlessly identify top matches from your existing database. We facilitate more effective mining of internal talent resources, optimizing recruitment outcomes, and maximising the value of your candidate pool

Faster Turnaround
Improved Matches

DigitalRecruiter™ App

Target @ Source

Boost your candidate sourcing efficiency with our Chrome extension. Seamlessly add candidates to your database and long lists directly from LinkedIn, eliminating redundant tasks and ensuring streamlined processes. This tool simplifies sourcing efforts, saving time and resources while enhancing the quality and relevance of your candidate pool.

Eliminate Redundancy
Simplified Workflow

DigitalRecruiter™ App

NLP based Personality Insights

Unlock effective communication with candidates by analysing their LinkedIn personality profiles, gaining insights into their unique traits. Receive AI-generated email messages tailored for engaging effectively and increasing responses in your search campaigns.

Personalised Approach
Enhanced Engagement

DigitalRecruiter™ App

LinkedIn Prospecting Automation

Automate Linkedin Prospecting through seamless connection, messaging, and comprehensive lead data capture within the DigitalRecruiter™ App. Streamlining your outreach efforts and enhancing efficiency in lead management.

Comprehensive Insight
Increase Productivity

Measure & Manage

Quantifying Impact of Technology on Hiring Metrics

Measure the true impact of AI, automation, and API integration on enhancing your hiring metrics accurately and comprehensively.

40% ⬇

Cost to Hire

Increase the internal resources utilisation and consolidate channels to reduce hiring costs.


Response Time

Omni-channel outreach and single source of truth to enhance prospect response time.


Time to Hire

Eliminate manual screening, leverage our AI model and train it to enhance time-to-fill.

Adaptable to Your Ecosystem.

With over 31 integrations to date, we fit right in, seamlessly integrating into your tech stack and adapting effortlessly for smooth operations.

Strategic Talent Attraction

Empowering you to hire permanent, contract, freelancers, advisory, leadership, and sales talent, we've meticulously considered every aspect of hiring and integrated it with the fundamentals of marketing to attract and manage global talent.


My Squads

Create multifunctional squads by integrating your global freelancers, applicants, permanent, and contract staff into a unified ecosystem


Global Payroll

Simplify payroll management across international locations for seamless global operations and compliance


Project Tracking

Centralise project tracking, time-sheeting, and collaboration for diverse global hybrid team management


Executive Search

Get executive search capabilities with the ability to construct prospects and long lists tailored to target companies, employing an extensive search capability and strategy


Growth Advisory

Access Elite-Talent & Handpicked growth accelerators with proven capabilities to drive business growth in marketing, design, tech, advisory and venture capital


On-Demand Doers

Access trained, certified professionals for executing tech, design, marketing, and sales strategies efficiently



Talent Marketplace

Get access to strategic advisory and execution-oriented talent available for full-time, part-time, and freelance opportunities, all within one unified platform.

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