Build Your Ecosystem

Craft an all-encompassing ecosystem by integrating our platform hires, your employees, and freelancers.
Embrace the future of recruitment, where efficiency and excellence converge.

  • ATS + Marketplace

    2-in-a-Box Approach. Merging application tracking and marketplace to streamline hiring & talent management seamlessly.

  • Smart Pipelining

    Intelligent Skill Buckets enable tailored CV pipelines, empowering employers to match skills efficiently, optimising recruitment outcomes.

  • Project & Time Tracking

    Empower seamless project management and precise timesheet tracking through our integrated platform, enhancing efficiency and project execution.

  • My Squad

    Build Squads, manage applicants, hire and favourite, all in one place, fostering informed hiring decisions within a streamlined interface.

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  • AI Search & Match

    Upload your job description and let our AI-powered system search, rank, and deliver the best-matching candidates in a matter of seconds.

  • Omni-Channel Comms

    Text, call, meet, zoom & chat with seamless communication, and faster candidate and prospect turnaround.

  • TimeSync

    Seamlessly manage your calendar, integrate meetings, and organise schedules in a unified platform for effortless time management

  • Payroll & Payments

    Easily handle customer payments, vendor payouts, and payroll on the platform, ensuring precise financial operations with enhanced efficiency


Top-level experts offering strategic collaboration for market-entry expedience.

Specialised Skill-Set

Expert proficiency spanning all growth aspects, from market entry to execution. Your optimal choice, assured.

Exclusive Access

Tailored approach to your strategic needs: align with a strategist who will promptly initiate an action plan.


Available when you need it. Top talent for critical projects and requirements to elevate outcomes with specialised expertise,

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Post Targeted Positions

Don't pay exorbitant prices for generalised job postings that are applicable to everyone. Target the right candidate pool by showcasing your projects. We understand the distinction between full-time roles, strategic projects, internships, and unique ventures.

Shared Success

Our mission is to power businesses with the right talent right now.









  • Website Developer
  • UX Designer
  • SEO Marketer
  • Media Buyer
  • Python Developer

Build the

Hire from a pool of assessed, rated, and pipelined designers, developers, and marketers to unlock your ability to form on-demand teams. With us, you acquire not just expertise but a comprehensive platform that eliminates the need to chase freelancers. Your success is our commitment.