A product built on the premise of Track, Measure & Grow, TrackoPot is a robust applicant tracking system that eliminates the need for offline tracking and perfectly caters to the needs of recruitment agencies and HR departments alike.

TrackoPot makes searching, tracking and hiring candidates simple and efficient. Organise, communicate, search and hire in one simple system that is tailored to your department or business needs. Plus, with an intuitive and totally customisable dashboard, reporting tools and an array of communication templates, every step of the recruitment process can be accomplished using one impressive platform.

Key Features

Packed full of features and with unrivalled customisation options that can be perfectly tailored to your business needs


With more than 15 modules packed full of features and with unrivalled customisation, It’s  built for scale and standardisation to manage hiring volume and organise teams. TrackPot is the perfect tool for HR departments and recruitment agencies.


Completely platform-agnostic with integration capabilities that collaborate within your ecosystem.


The most affordable and powerful ATS on the planet. No Lock-in and no annual contract.

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Unleash your recruiting capabilities by breaking down data silos to connect candidates, clients, employees & operations