Our Proposition

Scale Quickly, Deliver Savings & Grow 
Continuously by Bringing Applicable Expertise

Volar™ is our Total Outsourcing RPO solution for Recruitment, Marketing, Software Development, Administrative, Finance & Payroll functions. We help clients better utilise their time, money and resources to boost their bottom-line with the best value and pragmatic and innovative cost-reduction solutions.

Our blended on-shore/off-shore delivery model provides the economic benefits of off-shore outsourcing, without sacrificing quality and accountability or the face-to-face contact crucial for preventing communication gaps and ensuring overall client satisfaction.

Process Re-Engineering

Establish Hyper Collaboration 
via acceleration centres through a no-shore structure 

Total Outsourcing RPO from Digital Recruiter™ ensures that we participate strategically and philosophically in the transformation journey of our clients.

A Key elements of our offering is  D-Academy™, a practice development and capability build-out model that ensures a consistent supply of talent for all accelerated & transformation efforts, ensuring personnel joining a client’s projects are trained & aligned to the company’s culture and hiring needs. 

Practice Development

Hire Via Structured Hackathons, Pair Programming 
Sessions and Soft Skill Assessments 

The Digital Recruiter™ Total Outsourcing model establishes skill based practices and COEs for our clients to hire resources for the right skills, methods, tools and, most importantly the right cultural mindset to be able to operate successfully in a high-velocity and experiment driven, global environment.

We have 15+ successful and established practices for skills like Salesforce, Digital Marketing, Pega, Data & Analytics, Talent Acquisition, Data Entry ,Human Resources, Full Stack Developers and Payroll Specialists.           

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