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The Proposition

In the age of online recruiting, there are enormous amounts of internal and external data to paddle through. Talent Index is our research and analytics practice that help our clients turn data into a competitive advantage by unlocking hidden opportunities and insights and delivering recruiting information management, lead generation, market and competitor intelligence solutions under one umbrella.

Whether you intend to hire now or in the future, our talent analytics and research will provide full visibility to the market, helping map, track, attract and engage the best people available.  Our services are designed to facilitate key decisions across a range of areas including hiring, budgeting, business planning, remuneration, people retention, succession planning and general strategy.

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Types of Offerings

  • Target & Long list generation
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Succession Planning
  • New Market Entry Analysis
  • Compensation Surveys
  • Talent Mapping
  • Leadership profiling
  • Talent Benchmarking

ILS 4.00


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Last Update: December 24, 2019
Released: May 18, 2018
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